Pricing below is for the general public. Researchers are welcome to use our facility on a recharge basis. We currently support studies from within the UH Cancer Center, the UH Native Hawaiian Health, industry clinical trials for therapy validation, and from device manufacturers for validation of new technologies. If interested, please contact us for pricing.

DXA Scans

DXA scans are available for whole body, spine, forearm, and other body parts. It includes a routine analysis and report preparation. Learn more.


1 Scan$71.71


1 Scan$143.42
2 Scans$215.12
For 3 or more scans (each scan)$71.71


Bod Pod uses air displacement to determine body composition and volume, including information about your RMR, TEE, and optimal caloric intake. Learn more.

Per scan$71.71

Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis

BIA is a non-invasive body analysis test that uses safe, low-level currents to identify lean mass and fat mass in each body segment. Learn more.

Per scan$35.85

3D Optical Scans

3D optical scanning provides measurements across your entire body (waist, hip, chest, thigh circumferences), as well as a full 3D image of your body to visualize its shape. Learn more.

Per scan$35.85

Other Anthropometric Measurements

Waist/hip circumferences only$35.85
Full set of skinfolds and circumferences$71.71

Metabolic Assessment

Metabolic testing is for measuring your VO2max and RMR, which is useful for self-assessment and to track the effects of dietary and physical activity interventions.

This service is no longer offered.